Finally, a Scalable COVID-19 Testing Software Solution for Laboratories

Boost testing capacity and improve turnaround time with LabPort, a cloud-based software designed to streamline COVID-19 testing and result delivery processes. Contact us today to learn why LabPort is the last software you will need to run your lab smoothly.

Looking For a Comprehensive Testing and Vaccine Verification Platform?

LabPort is a web-based testing software solution that can operate on its own or integrate seamlessly with other Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to track and report rapid and lab-based COVID-19 test results. With built-in features like payment processing, electronic results delivery, and CSV upload and export, lab personnel can spend less time processing paperwork and more time running their laboratories. Partner with LabPort to enjoy:

Process Payments for Test Credits

LabPort allows you to charge clients for credits redeemed for COVID testing services. Facilities can buy these credits and allocate them to patients as needed and/or allow patients to purchase them directly from their customer portal. LabPort takes a small fee, while the majority of the proceeds are deposited directly to your account.

Quickly Capture Patient Data

Registering for LabPort is quick and intuitive, necessitating only the information required by local and state regulations. To get started, patients will receive a registration link prompting them to enter their information. Labs may also bulk import patient records by uploading a CSV file.

Deliver Patients Results in Real-Time

Once test results are uploaded to the LabPort portal, results can be delivered directly to the patient via email and text message.

Complimentary Onboarding

As a LabPort client, your lab will be assigned an onboarding specialist who will help you integrate with or migrate from your current LIMS. This person will ensure the transition is as seamless as possible.

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Protect Patient Privacy

COVID-19 test results are considered confidential medical information under state and federal law. Therefore, they should be kept in a separate medical file that is only accessible by those who genuinely need to know. As an authorized user on your LabPort account, you decide what information and permissions are accessible to whom, making it easy to protect your patient's privacy.

Compatible With Any Operating System

LabPort is a web-based software that is compatible with any operating system, including Mac and Windows. To implement LabPort, you don't need to invest in any new equipment or technologies. 

Vaccine Verification

For your patients' convenience, LabPort allows them to upload their vaccine cards. This feature allows patients to keep all of their COVID documents in one place.