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Boost testing capacity and improve turnaround time with LabPort®, cloud-based software designed to streamline COVID-19 testing processes. Contact us today to learn why LabPort® is the last software you will need to run your lab smoothly.

Looking For a Comprehensive Testing and Vaccine Verification Platform?

LabPort® is a web-based testing software solution that can operate on its own or integrate seamlessly with other Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to track and report rapid and lab-based COVID-19 test results. With built-in features like payment processing, electronic results delivery, and CSV upload and export, lab personnel can spend less time processing paperwork and more time running their laboratories. Partner with LabPort® to enjoy:

Payment Processing

LabPort® allows you to charge clients for credits redeemed for COVID testing services. Facilities can buy these credits and allocate them to patients as needed and/or allow patients to purchase them directly from their customer portal. LabPort® takes a small fee, while the majority of the proceeds are deposited directly to your account.

Vaccine Verification

For your patients' convenience, LabPort® allows them to upload their vaccine cards. This feature will enable patients to keep all of their COVID documents in one place.


LabPort's self-reporting feature allows admins to collect information about their population's health status before allowing them on-site. Upon receiving their self-reporting link, patients can report any COVID-19 symptoms and their level of exposure. After, they will be prompted to upload their COVID-19 test result.

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Facilities can also choose to integrate Interactive Voice Response (IVR) into their self-reporting process.


Key Features & Benefits

Quickly Capture Patient Data

Registering for LabPort® is quick and intuitive, necessitating only the information required by local and state regulations. To get started, patients will receive a registration link prompting them to enter their information. Labs may also bulk import patient records by uploading a CSV file. It's available in 108 languages, making it accessible to patients of different backgrounds.

Protect Patient Privacy

COVID-19 test results are considered confidential medical information under state and federal law. Therefore, they should be kept in a separate medical file that is only accessible by those who genuinely need to know. As an authorized user on your LabPort™ account, you decide what information and permissions are accessible to whom, making it easy to protect your patient's privacy.

Deliver Patients Results in Real-Time

Once test results are uploaded to the LabPort® portal, results can be delivered directly to the patient via email and text message.

Enjoy Convenient Check-in Features

Patients will enjoy our simple scan or swipe-to-check-in features when they arrive for their test.

Complimentary Onboarding

For a limited time, LabPort® will assign you a complimentary onboarding specialist. This person will ensure a seamless transition to LabPort by helping you integrate with or migrate from your current LIMS. They will also give you one-on-one support until you master the software.

Compatible With Any Operating System

LabPort® is a web-based software that is compatible with any operating system, including Mac and Windows. To implement LabPort®, you don't need to invest in any new equipment or technologies.

With LabPort™,
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