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LabPort has everything you need to create a quick and efficient COVID-19 testing and vaccine verification procedure at your next event.

Streamline the COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Verification Process at Your Next Event

As COVID-19 remains a concern, requiring a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination prior to entry remains one of the most effective strategies to keep attendees, vendors, and staff members safe. LabPort makes it easy to implement a seamless testing and vaccination status validation process for patients and event staff alike. LabPort is a complete testing and vaccine verification solution that allows event managers to easily manage, track, and report test results and vaccination status. 

Quickly Capture Employee Data

Registering for LabPort is quick and intuitive, needing only the information required by local and state regulations. Employers can collect data from individual employees via manual entry or upload an excel sheet.

Employees only need to register for LabPort once, and they can be tested as often as your company requires.


Maintain Records of Weekly Testing

To comply with OSHA’s ETS, employers need to maintain records of weekly COVID-19 testing for unvaccinated employees. LabPort makes it easy for employers to store and access their employees’ tests results in one place. All results are available directly in the LabPort portal and sent to the patient via email or text message.

Protect Patient Policy

Employee COVID-19 test results are considered confidential medical information under state and federal law. Therefore, they should be kept in a separate medical file that is only accessible by those who genuinely need to know. As an authorized user on your LabPort account, you decide what information and permissions are accessible to whom, making it easy to protect your employee’s privacy.

Test Guests in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Pre-register

Guests will receive a one-time registration link via email before the testing date.

Step 2: Check-in

When it’s time to test, guests will check-in by using their smartphone to scan the QR code located at the event site. All they need is a state-issued driver’s license or ID card to get started.

Step 3: Test

A technician will perform the COVID test by collecting samples via a simple nasal swab.

Step 4: Results

Guests will receive their results via text or email within 15 minutes for antigen tests and 24 hours for RT-PCR tests.

The Deadline to Comply With OSHA's COVID-10 Testing ETS is Approaching


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